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  • Recommended Listening / Korean Psychedelic Rock

    I have been waiting for this to get released for some time now. After hearing bootlegs and having copies of copies handed over to me for a few years now, I will be able to get my hands on an official pressing of South Korea’s guitar god Shin Joong Hyun!

    Though reissue labels are a dime a dozen these days, Light In The Attic just can’t do any wrong. Their selection is always amazing as well as the thought and art direction put into each release.

    Anyone that knows me knows that I am a sucker for (mostly Southeast) Asian psych, but this is a beautiful album that is not to be missed.

    The CD version is slated for a Sept 20th release, but the vinyl LP is already available. Luckily with my lab perks, I managed to grab a nice crispy one this past week. I am not sure if the pressing is limited, but I would call my local shop and put one on hold if I were you.

    To get to know Shin’s work a little more + buy the album from LITA, you must learn.