tomodachi burger

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new york - japan - texas
  • I didn’t think I was going to ever make another one of these. Losing a dear friend NYE of 2012 put a lot of things into perspective, but it also turned my world upside down for some time. Though Esme had no direct connection to any of my Cloudplum mixes, for whatever reason, my creative mind wandered. Searching for answers, help, maybe Esme herself. I think anyone that was close with Esme died a little bit that day too. I know I did. 

    Most things came to an end. I struggled to find another voice in another town. Part of the reason I think I opted for Los Angeles was to clear any remnants of the thought.  A year has passed, my mind still hazy, but things are slightly better. The year started in New York and ended in New York. What I thought was going to be a new home turned out to be a cleansing of the spirit. Just as quickly as I arrived, I was told it wasn’t meant to be. I came back to New York with more hopes and dreams than ever. I still think about Esme a lot. I think about all the friends I made in Los Angeles. I think about all the bike riding I did. All the thoughts racing through my mind as I had my own little world sitting atop my bicycle.

    This mix isn’t about Esme. It’s not inspired by Esme. It’s more than likely nothing she would want to listen to, but it is for Esme. 

    Prince Klassen - Fall Music For Cloudplum 5 by princeklassen