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    In the early 00’s San Antonio had a very special thing going on right in the heart of the beautiful historic downtown area. The Davenport was definitely a highlight in my memory that is still always called on. These were the days before Serato, but still in a weird transitional phase for a lot of DJs at the time. I am not trying to sound like an old head that hates everything new… though most new things are pretty wack. The fact is, the internet had not quite put it’s grasp around San Antonio’s neck. You could still have a quality night of quality music with no interruptions from your local knuckle head/becky.

    JJ Lopez really molded The Davenport into a unique experience in San Antonio. From it’s early beginnings of one JBL speaker and NOTHING but Northern Soul & Hard Funk 45s to Disco/House/Hip Hop/Soul nights that all held their own. I am glad to have been apart of it, but wish I was there more often than I was. I did live 3 blocks away from there after all.

    This mix was made on a Friday night in 2005. All Boogie/Disco, all vinyl, all live. I was already living in Austin at the time, but it was a special night and glad JJ came across the mix recently while making a move.

    To download + listen to the mix, you must learn.


    Writing about San Antonio is a hard thing to do without sounding condescending. I hope none of this gets taken so. There is a little write up I would like to do sooner than later about what it means to be from what I would call a “shadow” city, so hopefully that happens.