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  • The New Museum: Gray

    Last Thursday was one of the best moments living in New York so far. The New Museum hosted a very special evening with Gray. Gray was initially founded by famed Warhol associate Jean-Michel Basquiat and Michael Holman. Holman, best known for his cultural aptitude and artistic vision in the New York Downtown scene was host and producer of Graffiti Rock, a short run television show revolving around the then young Hip Hop scene. Though Vincent Gallo was also a member of the group, they are now a two-piece with no Gallo in sight. There was however a large amount of Basquiat footage presumably shot on Holman’s trusty super 8 that was used throughout the performance.

    Also making video appearances were Glenn O’ Brien, Fab 5 Freddy and Suzanna Mallouk.

    Two shows in one night, both of them being sold out, were quite a spectacle and a good taste of what I could only imagine what it was like back then. Though The New Museum isn’t the Mudd Club, this was the closest I could get to reliving the experience.

    These photos give no justice to the show, with their live industrial soundscapes and projections. It was truly a had to be there experience.

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