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  • Sneak Preview

    Well, with the Dinosaur L 45s that came out earlier this year came the news of a limited edition boxset. To actually see it come to light is a whole other story. I had forgotten about the project and honestly just didn’t think it was going to happen. I should put more faith in Traffic as they IN NO WAY did not let me down with this beautiful piece of history.

    Dinosaur L was one of the many aliases that my favorite artist, Arthur Russell, created in his short time on Earth.

    I can’t believe we got a promo copy of this at The Lab and I am so jealous of the voice getting it, but I will have no problem dishing out whatever it takes to get one of these. We should have it in stock soon, so keep your wallets fat and eyes peeled.

    To see more photos + get more information on how wonderful this is, you must learn.

  • Today marks the 19th year since Arthur Russell’s passing.

    For those not familiar with his work, please take note. His work is a huge inspiration to who I am.

    Here is my radio tribute show last year. MTHRSHP RADIO.

    We miss you Arthur.