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  • This year’s CES is kind of out of control. Loads of amazing technology that keeps coming and coming.

    In camera news, Canon announced their new G series camera. Nikon announced their latest and greatest the D4 that seems to be focusing heavily on video modes as expected. In the smaller compact/M43 world, Fuji announced their go at what some might consider a Leica killer (using this term very, very lightly). Though not really a compact nor micro 4/3 system, the size still weighs in to those categories more so than DSLR territory.

    Regardless of what category it falls into, the hybrid rangefinder is a truly remarkable piece of camera technology that draws heavily from the past in design and function with digital attributes obviously. Fuji has released both the X100 and X10 with great success over the last year, but the main complaint with both of those systems were the lack of interchangeable lenses. Though they served a great purpose and caught the attention of semi-pros everywhere, the micro 4/3 system users had a small advantage with more lens options.

    You can expect to see a lot on this camera in the next few months here on MMM. Here is Engadget’s hands on from CES with video!

    You must learn.

  • Tech / Gadget

    Whoa! Nintendo hinted towards the 3DS just a few months back, but today still came with major surprises as they not only announced the device, but had working models on hand.

    Engadget has a great write up on it + video. You obviously won’t get the 3D effect via the video, but you can see how it works slightly. You must learn