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  • BBC posted a great little write up on the history of Lomography.

    You must learn.

  • (photo taken from Petapixel)

    Though I don’t now many photographers, I suspect most of them are tech nerds such as myself.

    We have been hearing about a new camera system that allows you to “shoot first and focus later” for a few months now, but up until last week no one had seen the finished product. There have been a few photos of the camera in use, unfortunately looking like it was a Japanese porn in all it’s blurred out glory.

    Now we have the first consumer Lytro Light Field camera to gawk over and walk the fence of wanting and needing.

    To see the little bugger in action + get more information, you must learn.

  • Fuji recently announced their discontinuation of certain staple film types about a week ago. Though I never have used any of the types mentioned, it is still a sign of what is to come in a digital world. I just hope there is someone like The Impossible Project that sees the importance of film and when the time comes continues the tradition.

    To read more about Fuji’s decision, you must learn.

  • Thanks to the online pillaging from the guys over at Digital Rev for this one. Here is a 20 minute mini doc on the history of the Nikon F, a camera that helped shape modern photography.

    You must learn.

  • New York City Happenings / Photo Exhibition

    Lately I have been carrying at least two cameras on my person at all times. One digital for shots on a whim, and one loaded with B&W 3200 for low light situations.

    Interestingly enough, The Met has opened a new exhibition showcasing that of photography after dark that looks to be a must see. 

    For more information, you must learn.