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  • A New Jersey school recently saw it fit to release two books from their required reading list cited over homosexual activities played out in the novels.

    I am not surprised or shocked at what happened, but more amazed that this STILL happens.

    To read more, you must learn

  • I started my quest to read every Murakami book about 2 months ago and have been a non stop ride ever since. Needless to say my brain isn’t functioning the same anymore and it now lives in another world.

    My latest is Hard-Boiled Wonderland and The End Of The World, but that was recently put on hold from a new release. I think my mind can stand a little break from the wonderful worlds of Murakami for a second either way. released The Record Players: Dj Revolutionaries late last year and it seemed to have just made it’s way stateside. Bill Brewster, author of Last Night a DJ Saved My Life and Frank Broughton compiled their interviews spanning nearly a decade with the worlds greatest DJs that shaped the history of club music around the world.

    I have been reading this in a non-linear fashion hopping from my all time favorites to names I have never heard of. So far the stand outs have been Francois K and very unexpectedly Paul Oakenfold.

    If you are antsy to get your hands on a copy and are in the New York area, St Marks Bookstore has a few left and Turntable Lab has some on order.

  • Recommended Watching / Documentary

    After years of friends telling me about the latest Murakami book they read, I decided to dip my toe in the water to see what all the fuss was about. I started with The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle and was immediately sucked into a new world that ran parallel with a lot of things going on in my life as well as a good friend’s. His writing to me is the literary version of a Miyazaki film, not so much in content, but in imagination and creating somewhere to escape to.

    Starting maybe 3 weeks ago, I am now on my 3rd Murakami book and plan on reading his entire catalog and looking forward to the release of his latest that should be released in the states in the 3rd quarter.

    Watching this mini documentary from the BBC series Imagine I got a little more insight into the world of Murakami.

    Youtube can be a wonderful tool for research. To watch A Wild Sheep Chase, you must learn.