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  • Another CES camera announcement came in the shape of something we have already seen, but with supposed spec upgrades. The new Nikon J3 comes in upskirt Beige now. Yikes.

    You must learn.

  • Thanks to the online pillaging from the guys over at Digital Rev for this one. Here is a 20 minute mini doc on the history of the Nikon F, a camera that helped shape modern photography.

    You must learn.

  • Camera News / Design

    Wow, just on the build side alone, this is a thing of beauty.

    I love the minimal approaches everyone is taking these days that were more than likely kicked off by Olympus’ on going Pen series, but in fact Leica can be “blamed” for keeping it real all these years.

    Nikon just announced their new P&S/consumer cameras and this one really has my interest peaked. I have been in the market for a new P&S+ and have always been told to go for Canon in that world, which the s95 has been steady on my radar. The P300 looks to be the proper opponent for said s95, but I am going to have to wait for a hands on to get my final decision. The great thing about both cameras are the features that give enthusiasts more options but less bulk than say Canon’s G series or Nikon’s answer to those.

    Nikon definitely kills it with the low light functionality of their systems, and yes I do own a D90, so now this just got a bit tougher of a challenge.

    See what you DPreview had to say about this little guy, you must learn.

  • Just caught this over at Hypebeast. Porter has done yet another collaboration, this time with Japanese optics company turned camera giant, Nikon.

    These look pretty fresh, and are not as expensive as they could be. Gonna try and catch one of these here in Tokyo.

    For those with something called the internet, you must learn.