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  • NYC Art Happenings

    Father Ghost and I rode to the city the other day to take my bike in for some cone issues and we stuck around the LES for lunch and general stooping. Luckily while not having cash on us for some delicious cupcakes we stumbled upon the latest show hanging at Gallery OneTwentyEight.

    The work currently hanging until June 30th is all photographs taken by long time New York resident Jesper Haynes. Though I had never heard of him or seen his work, I was instantly into it just for the fact that it is a great side of New York City history that doesn’t specifically relate to a particular artist or scene. The photos are very raw and almost always of friends, lovers, and artists. I can’t describe what I feel from the photos as it would really take up too much time, but just know the work is from a genuine place that very few photographers can express. I love New York and I feel the same coming from the photos would be a nutshell way of putting it.

    Haynes was actually on site during our visit. Freshly back from a show in Tokyo, he took time to talk with anyone that came into the gallery. We struck a convo that was both entertaining and I am sure annoying on my part because I asked nerdy technical questions. Either way, a pleasure to be introduced to the work and the artist at the same time.

    So if you are down in the LES anytime this week, I would highly recommend visiting the gallery for a look. The show’s book is also available on site as well as a VERY limited shirt seen in the photo above (sorry I only had my phone to shoot the photo) for $20 each.

    To keep up with Haynes’ work and openings, you must learn. (blog link, different from above)

  • New York City Happenings / Photo Exhibition

    Lately I have been carrying at least two cameras on my person at all times. One digital for shots on a whim, and one loaded with B&W 3200 for low light situations.

    Interestingly enough, The Met has opened a new exhibition showcasing that of photography after dark that looks to be a must see. 

    For more information, you must learn.

  • Daytripper / Austin Art Happenings

    I was lucky to catch this while in Austin for SXSW. Smalltown Pete (@smalltownpete) & myself were walking over to the Fader Fort as I glimpsed over to see a mutual friend of ours hanging inside of Domy. We walked in, said hello, and I quickly bolted to their gallery space not knowing what was showing.

    The show was of Deana and Ed Templeton’s photos from some of their current and upcoming works. Ed was once a skateboard world champion turned business mogul when he founded Toy Machine. Throughout his career in the skate world, his art & photography started to become more and more recognized which lead to many other projects. His street life photography follows in the footsteps of the greats and continues to inspire me.

    His wife has released numerous photo ‘zines and is getting ready to publish a new book.

    Their relationship and artistry always give me a smile.

    So if you are out and about in Austin this weekend, stop by Domy to get a look at these great works.

    You must learn.

  • Recommended Reading / Photography History

    As I reposted a story earlier this week about the final roll of Kodachrome being developed, the time has come to say goodbye.

    I can only hope another “impossible project” will come from this and the legacy can continue on.

    To read more on the subject, you must learn