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  • Recommended Listening

    Win Win releases a new mini ep featuring MC Spank Rock & a newcomer that just goes by the name Brady. If you caught Win Win on any one of their recent tours you may have heard Ones and Zeros towards their later dates with the flip being a Crass cover that is fucking fantastic.

    Like krauty grooves and psychedelic freak outs? GET THIS SHIT.

    You must learn.

  • It’s a family affair tonight at Public Assembly in ol’ goddamn Williamsburg. We will be celebrating the release of Po Po’s full length album Dope Boy Magic. I play before, between, and after everyone (that ol trick) and Win Win (Devlin, XXXchange, Ghostdad) are going to be making their own magic on stage as well.

    Facebook invite & stuff, you must learn.

  • Recommended Listening / DJ Mix

    This mixtape has been in the works for too damn long and I am glad it finally seeing the light of day. After hearing this for nearly 2 years now in different forms, this is the final version… sans video accompaniment (which I believe you can buy at The Death Set x Win Win Tour right now).

    Shit is fr33ky.


    Win Win DVD Mixtape Volume 1 (audio portion) by xxxchange

  • Recommended Download

    I have had the fortune to play this for well over a month now before it’s release, and it has definitely turned so many heads whilst doing so. XXXchange of Win Win/Spank Rock/Fully Fitted fame has made a monster of a dancehall chune for us of your indie rock / space cadet darlings TV On The Radio. For this remix alone I believe must now call them TV Pon The Radio.

    You can get this hot fiyah over at RCRDLBL for free.

    You must learn.

  • Recommended Listening / Official Single

    It’s official, the first single from WIN WIN’s full length album just got released today on iTunes.

    As some of you already know, Fully Fitted got a new project going on called WIN WIN. XXXchange, Devlin, and Ghostdad run the WIN WIN show and the full length album is due to drop Feb 15th on Vice Records.

    Lots of blogging been taking place for the leaks of the first single off the record, Release RPM, featuring Lizzie from Gang Gang Dance on vocals.

    Now the official version of the single is out in all it’s wonderful glory with an unreleased B-side sitting nicely next to that Moombahton remix from Nadastrom.

    To BUY the official single, you must learn.

  • Recommended Listening / Download

    Win Win can finally be announced after all these months of holding back. Win Win has signed with Vice Records and I can tell you that the album is super far out.

    Win Win is made up of fellow Fully Fitted members XXXchange, Devlin, and Ghostdad. The album will feature Alexis from Hot Chip, Andrew WK, Spank Rock, Blaqstarr, + Lizzie from Gang Gang Dance which you get the added bonus of downloading the first single featuring said GGD singer!

    So proud of the homies and I can’t wait for everyone to get up on this. You can expect the album to be out in January with singles leading up to it as well as a super secret mix dvd in the works.

    To download the track and read a little more about Win Win, you must learn.