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  • Recommended Listening / DJ Mix

    Fade To Mind is not only the sister label to Night Slugs but also the label assembled by Kingdom and his circle. Amongst that circle you will find Prince William, Nguzunguzu, Rizzla + others. The ill thing about their crew is that they are really pushing the sound to other directions that is far from conventional. Part Uk Funky, part lo-fi, and very vogue. With so many hybrid sounds it really is hard to put them in a box, which is a huge plus in my book.

    Prince William is an old homie from San Antonio that I met a long time ago when he came into my old record shop and picked up a copy of this Chicks On Speed record I really wanted.

    He has lived in Dallas for as long as I can remember and seems to always be on some next shit as well as deeply rooted in the history of club / R&B / electronic music.

    Though the mix doesn’t touch in the R&B realm, it still has plenty of soul in it and you can definitely jack to it like nobody’s business.

    To download the mix, you must learn.

  • Recommended Listening / DJ Mixtape

    2011 was the year of taking in SXSW as a spectator…for the most part. I wasn’t trying to DJ. I shot a few photos, but who wants to see more photos of bands and hipsters? I was just trying to have fun and let things come my way. Ultimately doing this gave me one of the best SXSW experiences I have had in a LONG time.

    Of the little I did actually stumble upon, Rizzla was definitely a MAJOR HIGHLIGHT. I was trying to catch James Blake at the outdoor French Legation show, but capacity was reached way early. I walked back to Dub Academy to catch my friend play, saw that and then Rizzla jumped on.

    Hands down one of the best DJ sets I had heard all year. Immediate co-signing was to ensue.

    This mix takes from what I heard and plays off of it. A gang of originals and remixes, plus the illest future bass/garage whatever you wanna call it tunes. Highly recommended tape.

    If you like Kingdom, Nguzunguzu, and The Ha dance. Jump to it.


    m2m mixtape by rizzla_dj

  • Recommended Listening / DJ Mixtape

    XLR8R Magazine released the latest in their forward thinking podcast series this time having LA’s Nguzunguzu curate the episode in another creatively programmed mix that they seem to be pretty amazing at.

    Reading over the tracklist got me stoked as it has one of current favorite up and comers, Rizzla, amongst the future bass greats.

    The mixed marked a big day for the duo, as their newest EP was also released on Kingdom’s newly spawned Night Slugs offshoot, Fade To Mind.

    To download the mix + read more about Nguzunguzu, you must learn.